Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bon Voyage!

We Live Upstairs Bon Voyage
Matt and I are off to South Carolina for a couple of days to visit his new school and to poke around our future home (!). I've been looking forward to this road trip for entirely too long. 


  1. oh hey! such a fun little trip.
    first of all, I love your bangs and your blog.
    secondly, where in SC? I don't mean to be a creeper but I've lived there my whole life, so...

  2. This looks fun, I have a friend who is thinking of moving to Ashville, we have heard good things about it. Cute blog. Following on Bloglovin.

    Ali of


  3. This sounds wonderful. Hope you have a lovely trip!

  4. You are lucky!! Thank you for sharing!

    Visit my blog sometime, and if you enjoy being there as much as I enjoyed your blog we can follow each other ;)!

    Here are the links to follow each other:
    Instant Milk link

    Facebook page link

    Bloglovin link

    Come by soon, and stay in touch!



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