Sunday, November 10, 2013

The State of Things

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It's been awhile, yeah? Over a month since I last posted. I'm not necessarily offering an apology, because I don't feel that I need to, but after a much-needed break from this blog and a much more relaxed usage of and outlook on social media, I'm ready to have a conversation; however one-sided it may be at this point.

The truth is, it's been so sporadic around here because I've been having a really hard time adjusting to my new surroundings. Kallie actually nailed the feeling on the head in this post, though our catalysts do differ a bit. I've been lonely and stressed and more homesick than I ever imagined (I really couldn't wait to leave). My skin has chosen this period in my mid-twenties rather than my high school years to betray me, and I seem to only be attracted to places of employment that come with crazy owners and verbal interactions that leave me in tears (I'm aware that it could just be the fact that I'm sort of fragile at the moment). My nonsensical, highly romanticized vision of the the South has quickly been stomped into the mud by several realities of what it is to live in this part of the country; realties that I'd love to discuss at some point but may get in the way of the direction I'm headed in just now. South Carolina, or, at least, the part of my life that has occurred here so far, has not been kind to me, which makes it very hard to get motivated to blog about how awesome life is. And that's what we're all supposed to blog about, right?*

All of this is to say that if blogging wouldn't have felt so disingenuous these past couple of months I would've done it. And things are beginning to improve around here! I've found a job that promotes family-like relationships amongst its employees, I've started to make a few friends, and I'm even beginning to meet some personal goals I've had for about a year (fitness and education related, if you're curious). 

I'm planning on blogging more regularly, though there's no schedule involved. I want to reflect my life as it truly is, and not as some picture I (for some reason) feel I need to paint for the world. That's not to say I'll never do another outfit post (god knows I love clothes too much for that), but rather that I'm going to do more living rather than writing about living, and I know you'll be ok with that.

That's all for right now. Love you, kittens!

*Heavy sarcasm.

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