Friday, April 13, 2012

Crazy Flower Lady

We Live Upstairs Crazy Flower LadyWe Live Upstairs Crazy Flower Lady
We Live Upstairs Crazy Flower LadyWe Live Upstairs Crazy Flower Lady
We Live Upstairs Crazy Flower Lady
Sweater: Gifted by a co-worker
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Kohl's? They were a gift.
Booties: Target 

Maybe you've been able to tell by now, or, if you have me on instagram (@leahjgee) you've known for awhile: I love mixing prints. It's pretty lame, actually, how much excitement I get from it. Anyway, I thought it was about time I tried the floral-on-floral trend I've been hearing so much about. It's suggested that you stay in the same color palette, to make things flow a bit easier, but I didn't really do that. It sort of just happened, and I thought it worked. What do you think?

This is actually a midi length skirt, of the trumpet variety. I tried it on at its natural length, and with the sweater, the proportions just seemed off. So, I belted it pretty snugly at my waist and just kept rolling the belt over until the hem reached my desired height. Oh, the things I make time for when I have more important things to do.... And in case you hadn't noticed, this skirt was pretty much made for twirling. I think I was dancing to Phil Spector's Greatest Hits at that moment. I <3 Motown.

I don't know about you, but I couldn't be more thrilled that it's the weekend (Friday totally counts). The past two weeks have been super stressful for me, and I've definitely been eating my feelings. Seriously, like everything in sight. It's sort of gross. But I'm getting back on the regular human portion size/running wagon this weekend, so hopefully I'll feel like myself again very soon. Thanks for reading, guys!


  1. cute outfit! I am often intimidated by mixing patterns, florals, etc. Your pictures and links make me want to give it a try!
    Also, that sweater is too awesome for words.

    1. Thanks girl! I won't lie: I do get some raised eyebrows and double-takes now and then, but it just makes me so happy to wear what i want, that I choose to not care : )
      And I happen to have been blessed with a co-worker who is just as into crazy sweaters (and has too many of them, hence giving them away) as I am.


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