Thursday, April 12, 2012

Left Side, Strong Side

We Live Upstairs Left Side, Strong SideWe Live Upstairs Left Side, Strong SideWe Live Upstairs Left Side, Strong Side
Shirt: Thrifted
Shorts (Someone called them kulats the last time I wore them? Inaccurate, I say): Charlotte Russe several years ago
Cardigan: "Borrowed" from my mom 
Boots: Asos

No detail shots for you today! I know, wah wah. I couldn't get them just the way I wanted them, so I gave up. I assume you get the gist of things, regardless.

I wear this black ribbon as an accent maybe once bi-weekly, on average. The last time I wore it was when Matt and I were in Cape Girardeau for his nephew's birthday, a few weeks ago. We were downtown searching for coffee, when we noticed this group of people walking around in brightly-colored, old-timey clothing. Old-timey as in old West. When we finally found a coffee spot, the man taking our order asked me what we were all dressed up for; and by "we" he was including me in the old West group.* I blushed and explained to him laid it down for him that I was not a member of said group, just your occasional eccentric dresser. He was noticeably embarrassed and even said something involving the words "foot" and "mouth," but he was a cute old man, so it didn't matter. I'm a sucker for the old folks, folks. 
Anyway, that was all to say that the ribbon can be confusing to some.

Can you tell which side I think is my best side? : )
BTW, the post title is in reference to the question above, but also to Remember the Titans. Anyone? No? Fine.

*With my masterful deductive skills, I concluded that these people were playing a live-action version of the Milton-Bradley classic, Clue. 


  1. OMG. I want to play a live action version of Clue! Make it happen.
    Also, I totally got the RTT reference. Actually, when I read the title, I yelled the line in my head, like in the movie. : )

    I like your ribbon.

    1. I know! I want to play one too! It looked so fun.
      And I knew you would get it. Great minds, you know?

  2. Hello :)
    I just found your blog, and I really like it! It seems like we have a lot it common (I'm going to be a fashion student too as of fall'13), and I can't wait to read more!


    1. Hey! It's really nice to meet you! And thanks so much.
      I took a gander over your way and I'd have to say I agree! : ) Not to mention, we have Lydia in common, and we both know how great she is.
      Can I ask where you'll be attending school?

    2. Missouri State! Where are you attending?

    3. I'm at Mizzou. I know a girl I graduated high school with who did fashion at Missouri State, and she's moving to New York after graduation : )

  3. Whoa, I commented not too long ago saying I was from Missouri too. It gets weird now, because I'm from Cape Girardeau! I even have a picture of it in my about me haha. So we're from the same neck of the woods!

    1. That IS weird! And awesome!
      I love meeting people who are from the same area as me!
      Mostly because I tend to really love the people the midwest births : )


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