Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thrift Haul!

Okay, guys. Let me lay it down for you: i LOVE thrifting. As you will see from any and all outfit photos I post, 80-90% of my wardrobe comes from various thrift stores. Vintage stores also, but those tend to be a little pricier...they usually know what they have. Anyway, I've been to three thrift/vintage stores within the past week- don't judge- and have walked away with some pretty stellar finds, if I do say so myself.

The Wardrobe is a thrift store that's a block away from my apartment. I believe they spend most of the week doling out clothing to the less fortunate, but they are open to the public for maybe two days a week, keeping weird hours that have not permitted Matt or I a trip before last weekend. I walked in and was informed of a $0.25/$2 sale; meaning each item was $0.25 or I could fill a recycling bag to the brim and the whole lot would cost $2. Of course, I took the latter option. This is what came home with me:

Vintage Blouses Thrift
Vintage Blouses thrift

Next, while in Cape Girardeau this past weekend, Matt and I frequented our favorite thrift spot there: Teen Challenge. I think Teen Challenge is up to the same sort of do-gooding as The Wardrobe, though I know they sponsor activities/crafts/the like for the local teens. 
Apparently they'd done some remodeling since we last visited- altogether doing away with their vintage section! Such a bummer. That was a goldmine. I came away with some cool stuff anyway : )

Vintage Thrift Blouses Print Pattern Skirt Floral

And lastly, we made a stop at Annie Laurie's- hand's down, the neatest place in Cape. Actually, it would probably be the neatest place in a lot of different locations. It's the best vintage and used clothing/collectible/knick-knack/everything store around. I always spend most of my time in the clothing, since, you know, that's momma's bread + butter. I only came away with two items this time, (whhaaa?) but I love them both:

Vintage Blouse Polka Dots Glitter

Needless to say, I'm a thrifting nerd. Thanks for readin' my rambles!


  1. Yay, second post!
    You're so cute.
    I love you and your thriftiness. : )

    1. Yes, yay!! Haha.
      Thanks boo! You're the sweetest. Aaannndd I miss you like crazy.

  2. Oh my! You scored majorly with those lovely finds! :)

    1. Thanks girl! Sometimes the thrift gods smile upon me : )


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