Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Your Next BFF: Volume I

For the first installment of Your Next BFF, I want to say "what up" to my main shawty, Lydia Kassinger from LYDS WAS HERE.

Description of Photo

Though Lydia and I have known each other since the third grade (roughly twelve years), we've only been BFFs for eight years. I only say "only" because it feels like I've known her forever. Why the four year gap? Glad you asked.

We actually hated each other when we first met. I insulted her clothing choices on several occasions (can you say brat?) and she thought I was trying to snake her best friend from her. But through repeated exposure to each other, forced upon us by our small school system, the gifted program we were members of in elementary school, and our parents' mutual friends, we were finally able to accept the fact that we would have to be in the same room once and awhile.

Then, one day in high school, we decided we liked each other. The rest is history:

We Live Upstairs BFF Friday High School
There are way too many pictures of us doing this face from the high school era. Don't judge.

We Live Upstairs BFF Friday High School
Doing not English in English class.

We Live Upstairs BFF Friday High School
Birthday party I think? 

Graduation, y'all. We're the two right-most.

We Live Upstairs BFF Friday
After high school at some point. Let's not talk about my hair.

Description of Photo
When our mutual friend took some photos of us. After Lyds became engaged, I believe.

Description of Photo
Performing my slave labor duties on her wedding day. So pretty! <3

We Live Upstairs BFF Friday Wedding
In the bride's room.

We Live Upstairs BFF Friday Baby Shower
Slave labor again at her baby shower. WHEN DOES IT END. JK girl, jk.

She was my partner-in-crme all throughout high school and now she's a sweetie-pie wife and an amazing mom. Unfortunately, we don't get to see each other very often anymore, but it's been pretty great watching her transform into Superwoman. She's kind of my hero.
Not to mention, she is being super supportive of this lil blog! She has done all the design work and given me buckets of advice. Seriously, if you ever given the chance to be her BFF, do it. You won't regret it. Love you Lyds! <3

/1/Picture by Lydia.
/2/ Picture by Emma Mae Marion
/3/ Picture by Emma Mae Marion


  1. Ew, let's not talk about my hair, either. Yikes!

    Love you + this post! So cute. : )

  2. The "slave labour" made me laugh so much. You are lucky to have such a good friend- Lydia is brilliant. x

    1. Haha, good! I'm glad! And yes, she's completely brilliant. I <3 her.


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