Monday, July 16, 2012

Video Phone

Hi Friends!
Once upon a time, I was perusing Ashley's blog, and came across a video she made using the Super 8 vintage camera app. I've played around with it a couple times, but today I thought it would be fun to share an outfit video, using the app, instead of just photos.
Unfortunately, my video skills are still rather primal, so it's not to pretty. But here you go:

Song: Thirteen by Big Star

Yep, that sure is me parading around ever-so-ungracefully. Awkward as usual. And yes, I told you: primal. Next time I think I'll pick out my song beforehand, so as to have a shot at not appearing before you as a complete lunatic.
Anyway, I love this app and had a lot of fun making this 'lil snippet. And in case you actually wanted to see my clothing IRL and not solely through vintage camera filter-land, here that is:

Description of Photo
Dress: Lush; Shirt: Thrifted; Collar: DIY; Booties and Socks: Target

This was supposed to be worn out to a friend's birthday party this weekend, but Matt began feeling incrementally worse after we dined on the best Mexican food Columbia has to offer. Alas, the only eyes this ensemble befell were those of my significant other and the two chile rellenos I quickly devoured. These things happen.


  1. haha awww poor matt. but super pretty outfit!! it's a shame no one got to see it. my work computer isn't letting me see your primal skills, so im gonna have to wait to get home to creep :(

    1. Yeah, I got gussied up for nothing. But fortunately, I'm pretty great at outfit repeating. So someone WILL see it eventually : ).

  2. What a pretty outfit! There will definitely be no shame in repeating this outfit!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. Love these outfits! Your blog is so adorable. Thanks for the sweet comment on my last post. xo

  4. whoa I love the shirt/collar/boot combination! those boots are incredible.

    and hey, the question about the indian healing clay you posted on my blog recently - you can buy it here!

    1. Why thank you!
      And great! I will definitely look into it! Thanks!


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