Thursday, September 27, 2012

October Sponsorship/Big Tree, Take Two

We Live Upstairs October sponsorship

First things first: I'm now accepting sponsors for the month of October! If you'd like to trade ads with me, drop me an email and we can talk banner size, duration, etc. I'd love to work with some like-minded bloggers, so don't be shy!

And now, back to the outfit post.

We Live Upstairs Big Tree Take Two Outfit

These photos were hurriedly snapped at Big Tree last weekend, when Matt and I took my mother out to see the wonder-oak. She was just as impressed as I upon seeing the massive beauty for the first time, and we were equally as camera-happy the second time. There are things in life you can never get enough of; natural wonders are certainly up there for me.

We Live Upstairs Big Tree Take Two Outfit

I'm now wishing I had more sleeveless shift dresses in my closet- the layering options for fall/winter are endless! Perhaps I'll attempt to snag up some more during any remaining end-of-summer sales I come across. What are your go-to layered items for the colder months? I'd love some new inspiration!

We Live Upstairs Big Tree Take Two Outfit
Dress: Vintage; Shirt: Vintage; Tights: Target

Have a great weekend, everyone! See y'all monday!


  1. The layered look is so adorable!
    I can't wait to get some great patterned tights for this year, I've been itching to break out my fall wardrobe, but it's still 90 degrees in New Orleans!


    1. Oh wow, that's still super warm! Yuck! 90 degree weather is the bane of my existence.
      And I looove patterned tights! I need to get some more as well; a lot of them usually rip in various places by the time winter is over.


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